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Long Sleeve Cycling Jerseys in Review

By Alex Neiman November 23, 2020

When cool days start to set in, and you start losing feeling in your fingers and face, proper high-quality thermal gear is what you need. A long sleeve jersey is the perfect way to help regulate your temperature and provide protection from the wind or sun. When buying your long sleeve jersey, it’s important to consider the different features and advantages of the materials used to.


We strongly encourage you to check out our wide selection of long sleeve jerseys. Among the many eye-catching designs, we offer a carefully chosen thermal fleece layer for those days you need a little more.


When Long Sleeves are Necessary

Long-sleeved jerseys provide better body coverage than a conventional cycling jersey. This added coverage can be used to benefit the rider in many different ways.


When the seasons start getting colder, a long-sleeve gives better regulation over your body temperature and helps block out cold winds. Our extra thermal option is perfect for days which are 3-10 degrees Celsius ❄️ and the regular non-thermal is a great option for any days 10-15 degrees Celsius ☀️. The non-thermal long-sleeve works seamlessly in parallel with a short-sleeve underneath so you can shed layers as the sun comes out.


Long-sleeves aren’t just for cold seasons; they can also be beneficial year-round. On days when the sun is beating down, they’re very effective at blocking out UV rays, preventing sunburns and overexposure to the sun. Check Long Sleeve jerseys collection.


Features Unique to Montella Long-Sleeves

Our carefully chosen fabric combinations allow us to bring forward the best of both the fashion and performance worlds. Our vibrant Italian inks ensure that the designs are long-lasting, and won’t fade after being put in the wash. On the other hand, our special fabric keeps heat and wind out, but still allow air circulation so you won’t overheat.


Our long sleeves are made to last and will endure a beating. All of our jerseys feature three reinforced rear pockets, and silicone grippers to ensure the jersey stays in one place while riding. They’re also Anti-Pilling, Anti-Shrink, Anti-sweat, Anti-Wrinkle.


Our Thermal Layer Option

For the days that you need extra, we offer a thermal fleece lining on all long sleeves. It’s perfect for days 3-10 degrees Celsius and can be easily regulated using the full-length zipper. It’s also very moisture-wicking and will keep you feeling dry. For uncertain days with varying temperatures, we recommend going with the non-thermal jersey as an outer layer, because it can easily be stashed in a back pocket.

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