A Deeper Look at Montella Cycling Jerseys A Deeper Look at Montella Cycling Jerseys
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A Deeper Look at Montella Cycling Jerseys

By Alex Neiman November 23, 2020

The cycling industry is constantly evolving its technology; It seems like every year a new gear is added to the back of the bike. At Montella Cycling, we believe cycling clothing is no exception. Our Jerseys offer an unmatched, fun style, without sacrificing any drop in performance to help athletes of all levels when adding miles on the road. We believe in providing modern, high-quality clothing for a fraction of the cost.


A cycling jersey needs to be durable, but have a soft, comfortable feeling. Our jerseys are constructed from high-quality fabrics, which have allowed us to tailor them to fit the needs of the most demanding cyclists. Recently we upgraded our classing cycling jersey to include long-weave polyester - known for its light weight 140 GSM, soft texture and moisture wicking properties. Our precisely chosen fabrics allow for a 4-way stretch, that keeps our jerseys feeling lightweight and breathable, but can still offer protection from the sun and other harsh elements. 


Ride Quality and Performance

There’s nothing more frustrating than being uncomfortable on the bike. With that in mind, Montella Cycling jerseys offer an array of features that are sure to improve the quality of your ride. A few of which are:

✔️ Quick-dry, Moisture-wicking Polyester with Mesh Side Panels

✔️ Fortified Rear Pockets

✔️ Silicone Grippers keeps Jersey in one place

✔️ Ergonomic Body Fit

✔️ Aerodynamic


The jerseys polyester wicks moisture and protects you from the wind, while the sides are made from mesh side panels to increase breathability and ventilation. It’s also practical to wear for trips to the coffee shop, as three reinforced rear pockets allow you to safely transport your phone and other goods with you, without fear of losing them.


Style Points

Ride quality aside, our jerseys boast amazing, unique designs that are sure to receive compliments. Our website displays hundreds of individual designs for any occasion Try Us. When a jersey is optimized for aesthetics, quality is generally sacrificed. We’ve worked hard to produce a high-quality jersey that looks and feels good to wear. Not to mention, they can double as a conversation piece!

Vibrant colored clothing adds a layer of safety on busy roads. Montella Cycling jerseys are designed using an anti-fade Italian ink to ensure the vibrance and designs last long after being put through the spin cycle. We recommend machine washing at 20-30c and no dry-cleaning.



Our jersey size fits slightly smaller than a normal t-shirt. If you’re at the upper end of your size in a regular t-shirt we recommend sizing up, but please refer to our sizing manual to find the best fit for you.

The jersey stays true to body egonomics, and will comfortably follow contours without skin irritation. Silky fabric mixed with four-way stretch produces a cycling jersey that will get you excited to wear. On the front is a full-length zipper that feels seamless, and gives better control over ventilation and fit.


Overall Value

What sets our jerseys apart from others, is their unbeatable value. They have similar performance to jerseys with twice the price tag, so we can assure you that you’re getting a whole lot of value for your money when you buy with us. The combination of looks and performance is an amazing addition to any rider’s closet.

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