Best Vintage Cycling Jerseys

Best Vintage Retro Cycling Jerseys Molteni Radar La Vie Claire Cycling Jersey

Best Vintage Cycling Jerseys

 Cycling is a sport that is pure hard work, dedication, and excellence, where people push themselves to their extremes, and fans love the athletes for this. Vintage cycling jerseys are fun for the fans of cycling; fans love wearing these retro and vintage collections of cycling jerseys that cycling superstars wear. It helps them connect with the athletes and the game. Below is a list of some of the top vintage cycling jerseys that you can buy.

La Vie Claire’s 1985 Cycling Jersey

La Vie Claire’s 1985 Cycling Jersey is one of the most vintage cycling jerseys you can find on planet earth. Its design was inspired by the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, and it was worn by two of the legends in cycling history. This jersey was worn by Bernard Hinault and the legendary Greg Lemond during the 80’s tour de France. It is a vintage collection jersey for the loves of cycling, and you can buy it in the retro from Montella cycling. 

Retro Peugeot Michelin Long-Sleeve Cycling Jersey

Retro Peugeot Michelin Cycling Jersey is beautiful choice for who are looking for a vintage collection of long sleeve cycling jerseys. It was worn by some of the legends, such as Peugeot-Michelin. The name of this jersey comes after him because he was the first cyclist to have worn this.

Vintage Molteni Arcore Cycling Jersey

The Retro Molteni Arcore Cycling Jersey is also one of the best and most vintage jerseys that you can buy in retro. Legendary Eddy Merckx, known as one of the fastest cyclists to have lived, wore this jersey design, and it helped him set the record for fastest cycling speed ever recorded. You can buy the retro jersey of this design from the Montella cycling website store.

Brooklyn Retro Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey

Another vintage cycling jersey the Brooklyn Retro Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey is one of those jerseys that are genuinely vintage because they were worn by some cycling legends. It had long sleeves, which became a personalized option for most cyclists in the 1970s. Roger De Vlaeminck wore this jersey on multiple occasions. 

Retro TI Raleigh Campagnolo Cycling Jersey

The Retro TI Raleigh Campagnolo Cycling Jersey is also a vintage jersey and design worn by some of the world's greatest cyclists, including TI Raleigh team members. It was one of the most popular jerseys of the mid-1970s. The whole team wore it, and the high-quality retro of this is available at online shops. Widest Collection of Large Size Cycling Jerseys

Final words

If you are a fan of cycling and are looking for a collection of vintage cycling jerseys in large sizes, you can check the website of Montella cycling, as they are offering some of the best vintage cycling jerseys.These are comfortable and are based on the original color scheme, and anyone who wears them would love to have them. These are high-quality jerseys that are available at Montella cycling store.


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