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Plus Size Cycling Jerseys

Solving the Cycling Clothing Size Problem

Are you tired of searching for cycling clothing in your size, only to find that most brands only cater to smaller sizes? You're not alone. This has been a long-standing problem in the cycling industry, with many companies failing to recognize the needs of cyclists of all sizes. However, there is one brand that has taken a stand against this issue - Montella.

Founded by co-owners who personally experienced the struggles of finding cycling clothing in their size, Montella has made it their mission to solve this problem. Their size charts go up to 6XL, ensuring that all cyclists can find clothing that fits comfortably and performs well on their rides.

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Importance of find the right fit of cycling clothing 

Finding the right fit of cycling clothing is crucial for a comfortable and safe ride. Ill-fitting clothing can cause discomfort and chafing, which can lead to distracting and painful rides. Additionally, poorly fitting clothing can negatively affect performance by restricting movement and causing irritation. It's essential to choose clothing that fits properly to ensure that you're able to focus on your ride rather than your discomfort.

When shopping for plus size cycling clothing, it's really important to pay attention to sizing charts and measurements, rather than relying on traditional clothing sizes. This can help you to find the best fit and avoid issues like pinching or bunching

Ultimately, the right fit of plus size cycling clothing can make all the difference in your riding experience. With comfortable and well-fitting clothing, you can ride for longer and focus on your performance, rather than distractions and discomfort. 


Larger sizes cycling clothing as 2XL 3XL 4XL available on Montella Cycling website 

For many riders who require larger sizes, finding comfortable and high-quality cycling clothing can be a challenge. However, Montella Cycling has addressed this problem by offering a wide range of sizes, including 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL, and up to 6XL. With Montella, riders of all shapes and sizes have access to comfortable and stylish cycling clothing that is designed with performance in mind.

Overall, Montella's dedication to offering larger sizes in their cycling clothing is a significant step forward for inclusivity in the sport. By making high-quality cycling clothing accessible to riders of all sizes, Montella is helping to ensure that everyone can enjoy the freedom and joy of cycling, regardless of their body type.

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Plus Size Cycling Shorts features and benefits

Plus size cycling shorts are a critical piece of clothing for riders who require larger sizes. These shorts are designed to offer comfort and support on long rides, and they typically feature a chamois pad that helps prevent chafing and provides cushioning. The chamois pad is particularly important for riders who spend long hours in the saddle, as it helps to distribute pressure and prevent discomfort. Please have a look at the actual gel composition of Montella Cycling shorts.

In addition to the chamois pad, plus size cycling shorts feature breathable and moisture-wicking polyester materials that help to keep riders cool and dry. These materials are essential for riders who may be prone to chafing or sweating, as they can help to reduce friction and prevent irritation. 

Overall, plus size cycling shorts offer many benefits for riders who require larger sizes. They provide support and comfort, prevent chafing and irritation, and come in a range of styles and designs. With these shorts, riders can focus on their performance and enjoy long, comfortable rides.


Plus Size Cycling Jerseys Features 


When it comes to plus size cycling jerseys, the materials used are crucial in ensuring comfort and performance. Stretchy fabrics are often used to allow for a wider range of motion and to prevent the jersey from riding up or shifting during a ride. Quick-dry technology is another important feature, as it allows for moisture to be quickly wicked away from the skin, keeping the rider cool and dry.


Best italian moisture-wicking fabrics are also used in plus size cycling jerseys, which helps to pull sweat away from the skin and onto the surface of the jersey, where it can evaporate. These features all work together to create a jersey that is both functional and comfortable, allowing plus size riders to focus on their performance and enjoy their ride.


How to use our size chart to find perfect size


While ordering our larger size clothing please follow size chart. For your convenience we have also integrated Size Recommender, where you can even more conveniently enter few of your measurements and find out suggested size. For jerseys you will need to measure your chest size, while for bibs you will need your waist measures.

Over 500 design variations of plus cycling  size clothing Montella Cycling website


We offer many different style variations for our plus size cycling clothing on our website. From classic and retro cycling designs to bold and colorful patterns, there's something for every rider's taste and preference. Our range of styles includes not only jerseys and shorts but also base layers, jackets, and accessories, so you can create a complete look that matches your personal style. With so many style variations to choose from, plus size riders can feel confident and fashionable while pursuing their passion for cycling.

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